Questions & Answers

We are aware, that a wedding is more than just a simple ceremony.

It’s a day full of precious moments & emotions. To not miss any of those moments of happiness, stress, tears of joy and love, we watch and feel with you, throughout the day.

Knowing that you probably have many questions right now,

we wish to hear them all, along with your wedding plans.

Below you can find answers to some frequently asked questions, but also some tips and suggestions for creating the best possible wedding film & photos.



Can we meet before the wedding?

Where are you from? Can I book you for my wedding abroad?

We are located in our beautiful Croatia. We started doing weddings in our hometown Zagreb, then began doing weddings on the lovely Adriatic coast. With our first austrian wedding we started traveling abroad and from there we got invited to many beautiful locations all over Europe... still waiting for our first 'across the ocean' wedding. :)

Sure! We would love to sit down and talk over a cup of coffee. If we are unable to meet, we can setup a Skype/WhatsApp consultation... with a cup of coffee. :)



How do we book you?

How do we work on international weddings?

The process is simple. When you decide to have us document your wedding moments and emotions, we send you an agreement with the details we have discussed and an invoice for the reservation fee. When we receive the payment, we are officially your Wedding Photo & Film team.

We usually arrive the day before the wedding. We use that time to meet with you, scout the locations and to make sure that we are ready for the BIG day.



Do you have a backup?

What is your style?

We certainly do.

We have backup cameras, backup shooters and we backup all data on multiple hard drives.

We believe in a documentary style approach that lets us capture those precious moments & emotions as they happen, without you even being aware of us sometimes. But we wish to capture them in an artistically beautiful and emotional way, so sometimes we will suggest something based on our experience, but we mostly love to make films & photos authentic to you two, even if that means some small imperfections in the scenes.



Do you use available light or flashes?

How far should we book in advance?

For weddings we prefer to use available natural light, but we do use flashes where available light isn't adequate for photography. It is usually only at the reception, where we use off-camera or on-camera flash.

Many couples book us more than a year in advance. But there are also times where a date is available a few months before.

So the earlier you contact us, the better the chances are that we are available for your date. Just tell us as soon as your date is set.